Colors and clothes

In recent years it has become very popular to choose clothes exclusively by color. Clothing color now plays a big role in the lives of all dandies and fashionable women. There is even a special system based on the choose of appropriate clothing colors depending on the color of eyes, hair and skin of a person.

Assuming, you have dark hair (no matter whether you are a brunette or a chestnut head). In this case your choice may go for black clothes. You can freely experiment with purple and red. If you are a blond or a blonde, then forget about gray. If you decide to wear gray clothes you will be pale and washed-out. For blonds to wear cream, blue, green and brown (not too bright) or pastel colors is more suitable. Nevertheless, it is not universal advice. Many things depend on what color of your eyes and skin is.

Of course, color is essential in our lives. However, I believe that the quality of clothes is also very important. Fabric and tailoring – this interests me most of all when I buy clothes. What is the use of buying fashionable clothes if tomorrow it will stretch after washing owing to poor quality. Clothes must wear well and of course be fashionable and immaculate.